Summer 2013

Don't Trash that Glass!

According to a recent study by the state of Ohio, Ohio’s glass manufacturing industry currently uses approximately 110,000 tons of glass cullet. Their total potential demand, however, is between 275,000 and 295,000 tons per year.

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Your Beer Bottle has Serious Stamina—Glass Recycling in Ohio

Container glass—think beer bottles, pickle jars, and our other favorite consumables—can be recycled an infinite number of times. That’s a beautiful thing! But it is a tough material to handle, both from the collection and processing standpoint.

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Pollution Prevention is on Tap this Summer

Projects, intended to result in cost savings for the companies, are designed by the host companies, and focus on waste reduction, process improvement, recycling, employee engagement, and energy efficiency.

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Smog Season Update

Smog season is off to a quiet start—with no smog alerts and only two exceedances of the ozone air quality standard.

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