Static Electricity & Gas Pumps

Are fires caused by static electricity at gas pumps an urban myth? Not so, according to data reported to the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) who have collected data regarding 150 fires which occurred at gas pumps. Generally, however, the dispensing of gasoline into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle is a safe operation. Americans pump gasoline into their cars between 16 and 18 billion times a year usually without incident. To find out more about static fires and other gas station safety issues, please select from the links below:

Static Electricity: Where does static electricity come from?

Electrostatic fires at gas pumps: How do they happen and what can we do about them?

FAQ's: Wanting answers to questions such as "Is it safe for passengers to stay in the vehicle?" or, "Can it happen with motorbikes?" Information presented is from the PEI.

What should I do if a static fire does occur?

Cell phones and gas pumps: Is there really a risk of fires from cell phones, or is it just another urban myth?

Response to email hoax: Unfortunately, many people received a misinformed email regarding PEI's report on static fires at pumps, spreading incorrect information. The creator of the email fabricated much of the information, providing results about questions PEI never answered!

Stage II Vapor Recovery: What is being done to reduce gasoline vapor emissions at gas stations?