Kids' Stuff!

What's All the Fuss About Air Pollution?

What is air pollution? Where do we find it? Where does it come from? Do you produce any? What can you do to help?

What You Can Do For Cleaner Air...  

What we do affects the air and the environment around us. Here are many tips and ideas for you to try and cut down on air pollution. Can you think of any that we have missed?

Travel Around the World To Learn About Air Quality
Click on the globe to learn about air quality issues in countries and continents around the world.

Fun Websites 

Check out these sites for fun activities, games, and information.

Great Activities   

Clean Air Kids Activity Book can be printed for free (Adobe Acrobat required, free download), or ask your parents to order it on our publications page. When you're finished, go to the solution page!

Coloring Book print the "Friends for Clean Air" coloring book, kindly provided to us by OKI, for you to download (Adobe Acrobat required, free download).

Asthma Activity Book from Advocate Health Care can be downloaded for free (Adobe Acrobat required, free download).

Puzzles and Word Finds  Do you think you can solve the puzzle?

Activities and Experiments Try this experiment to see if you can catch any pollution!

Treemendous Air Facts Fun facts about trees and the air we breathe.

Butterfly Breathe Find out how to plant a butterfly garden and learn facts about butterflies and air pollution.