Teachers' Resources

At the Air Quality Management Division, we are creating and gathering a lot of resources for you and your classroom. Please check back often as we are always adding new stuff. If you have any great air resources that you would like to share with other teachers, please contact Kristy.Kim@hamilton-co.org.

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Professional Development

Mini-Workshops: Would you like to learn more about air quality, but don't know where to start? We can provide free mini-workshops after school or on in-service days where each participant will receive a free air quality curriculum. Contact us for more details at (513) 946-7754 or Kristy.Kim@hamilton-co.org.

Outreach Programs

We have a variety of outreach programs to bring into your classroom. Programs can also be scheduled for Enrichment Days, Science Nights, and other events.  To schedule a grade-wide or school-wide presentation, please contact Michelle White at (513) 553-2252 or visit the Crystal Clear Science website at www.crystalclearscience.com.


Here are some websites that have great information and activities about air quality, how it affects you, how you can affect it, etc. Remember to look at some of the great pages on this website!

Lesson Plans

Publications and Resources

Check out our publications, call us and we will send you a copy. Our new educational activity book, Clean Air Kids, is available for your classroom by ordering online, or you can download it for free. Click here for the activity book's solutions.

Kids' Site

We also have a website just for kids! Check out kids' site with ideas, games, and activities for your students, including ideas for science fairs.


Photography Contest: The winners have been chosen! Please click here to see who won!