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Go Green Challenge: A Business Community Initiative to Reduce Environmental Impact in the Tri-State Region

Established in 2007 in Hamilton County, Ohio, the Go Green Challenge is an initiative whose mission is to encourage organizations, both large and small, to reduce their environmental impact. It has evolved into a network of businesses, institutions, organizations, and communities that have set their unique environmental goals and are taking action to achieve them.

More than 100 organizations throughout the tri-state region have joined the Go Green Challenge. Participants range from some of the largest employers in the area to a variety of small businesses. Several local municipalities with missions for environmental improvement have registered, and a number of the area’s prominent non-profit organizations and institutions have signed on as well.

The variety and specificity of the goals are as varied as the type of organization. Participants create and implement goals that make sense for their organizations. Some organizations have one goal and others have multiple goals targeting issues relevant to their operations. “Go Green Goals” tend to fall in the eight general categories listed below.

Go Green Goals

  • Waste reduction – paper, plastic, construction debris, pallets, medical waste, water usage, company clothing.
  • Recycling programs – paper, co-mingled, printer and toner cartridges, composting, plastics, and metals.
  • Energy conservation and efficiency – lighting, HVAC, fuel usage.
  • Environmentally preferred purchasing programs – recycled content goods, environmentally preferable cleaning supplies, and hybrid fleet vehicles.
  • Green Building – LEED certifications and accreditation, green roofs, solar power, geo-thermal power, sustainable building envelope materials.
  • Education/Training – establish “best practices” teams, educate employees on policies and procedures, and educate customers on green practices.
  • Incentive programs – related to commuting practices (alternatives to everyone driving), “challenges” between groups to increase participation.
  • Community involvement – work with customers/clients, promote a “greener” Cincinnati, and recruit other participants.

One thing all of the participants have in common is that they are leading by example. Whether it is within their organization, in the business community, or in the community at large, Go Green Challenge participants are serious about reducing their environmental impact and making a positive difference for their employees, customers, clients, and neighbors.

For more information or to join the Go Green Challenge, explore this website.


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For more information, please e-mail Catherine Walsh, or call (513) 946-7732.