Air Quality Alert

Air Quality Alert for Monday, July 11, based on ozone.

What to Do During an Air Quality Alert

  • Take the bus, carpool, bike or walk instead of driving
  • Refuel your vehicle after 8 pm, do not top off when refueling and tighten the gas cap
  • Do not idle your vehicle
  • Combine trips or eliminate unnecessary vehicle trips
  • Keep your vehicle maintained with properly-inflated tires and timely oil changes
  • Avoid use of gasoline-powered lawn equipment on Air Quality Alert days
  • Avoid use of oil-based paints and stains on Air Quality Alert days
  • Never burn leaves or other yard trimmings
  • Always burn clean, seasoned wood in outdoor fire pits, fireplaces and wood stoves
  • Avoid using fire pits or fireplaces for non-essential home heating on Air Quality Alert days
  • Conserve electricity

For more details on the Air Quality Index and its corresponding health messages, refer to AirNow. You may also choose to sign up for EnviroFlash, a free service and app that notifies you of daily air quality conditions based upon your personal settings that you control.