School Programs

The District offers numerous free or partially subsidized classroom programs focused on reducing waste. For more educator resources, follow our blog, The Green Classroom.

  1. Virtual Programs by Crystal Clear Science
  2. Virtual Programs by Mother Nature
  3. Programs by Keep Cincinnati Beautiful
  4. Programs by Crystal Clear Sciences
  5. Programs by Mother Nature

Cost:$55 for schools registered with Let's Stop Waste at Schools (LSW); $10 for low-income LSW schools; $110 for schools not registered with LSW.

Contact: Email Crystal Clear Science or call 513-828-9944.

Paper Capers (Kindergarten Through 12th Grade)

This program teaches students where things come from and where they go. Electromagnets, generators, and change of state demonstrations help kids see the science, technology, engineering, and math that go on behind the scenes. Recycling cards and supplies for a do-it-yourself (DIY) science experiment for each child delivered to your school. Science on Demand Video can be used by teachers whenever it works with their schedule.