Environmental Crimes Task Force

The Environmental Crimes Task Force includes representatives from Hamilton County R3Source, Hamilton County Sheriff Department, Hamilton County Prosecutor's Office, Hamilton County Public Health, Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Cincinnati Department of Public Services, and Cincinnati Health Department. Together, the Task Force investigates reports of illegal dumping, tire dumping, and other environmental crimes.

  • Illegal dumping occurs when a person deposits large amounts of garbage on property they do not own, such as vacant lots, creeks, and highways/roadways. Illegal dumping may include multiple bags/boxes of garbage, old furniture, old appliances, and/or tires.
  • Littering is smaller garbage, typically discarded by pedestrians or thrown out of vehicle windows, such as fast food bags, wrappers, and containers, as well as beverage cups. 

Submit a Tip About Dumping

If you see an illegal dump or pile of tires in Hamilton  County, Ohio, complete our Citizen Tip Form so it can be investigated by the Environmental Enforcement Deputy. You can also submit a tip by phone at 513-946-7788.

For law enforcement, municipalities, townships, or health departments, fill out the Environmental Enforcement Referral Form.

2024 Map of Investigated Complaints (through January 31, 2024)