Solid Waste Management Plan Update

One of the primary functions of Hamilton County R3Source is writing and implementing a 15-Year Solid Waste Management Plan (PDF). Hamilton County R3Source's Policy Committee oversees the writing of the Plan, which is updated every five years. The Plan must include the following elements:

  • Demonstrate at least 15 years of solid waste disposal capacity
  • Demonstrate that Hamilton County R3Source will achieve a 25% waste reduction/recycling rate for the residential/commercial sector
  • Demonstrate that Hamilton County R3Source will achieve a 66% waste reduction/recycling rate for the industrial sector
  • Develop outreach, marketing, and technical assistance for recycling, composting, and waste reduction
  • Develop strategies for managing scrap tires, yard trimmings, lead-acid batteries, household hazardous waste, and electronics
  • Examine incorporating economic incentives to increase waste reduction and recycling
  • Outline the funding mechanism and budget

Questions about the Solid Waste Plan may be emailed to Michelle Balz or called in to 513-946-7789.