What is asbestos and where is it usually found?

Asbestos is a very small fiber that cannot be identified with the naked eye. It has been used in thousands of commercial products because of its insulating and durable characteristics. Some common types of possible asbestos containing materials are pipe insulation, textured ceiling coatings, plaster, floor tiles, cementitious siding, and roofing shingles.

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1. What is asbestos and where is it usually found?
2. How do I know if a material contains asbestos?
3. Will the Southwest Ohio Air Quality Agency check my building for asbestos?
4. I have asbestos pipes in my basement. Can I remove the material myself?
5. I have asbestos floor/tile. Can I take it up myself?
6. My neighbors are having their asbestos roof/siding removed. Should I be concerned?
7. Do I have to have a specialist remove asbestos?
8. What is encapsulation?
9. Is there asbestos in my child's school?
10. Whom may I contact if I have additional questions?