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Air Quality

  1. Air Quality Complaint
  2. Lawn Mower Exchange Program
  1. Idle Free Signs

    Use this form to request Idle Free Signs

  2. Lawn Mower Exchange Receipts

    Lawn Mower Exchange Receipts


  1. Environmental Crimes Citizen Tip Form

    Environmental Crimes Citizen Tip Form

  2. Event Recycling Container Loan Request Form
  3. Request Waste Reduction Assistance

    waste audit request

  4. Waste Reduction Assistance Request

    Hamilton County R3Source employees are available to provide technical assistance and resources for your organization. Please fill out... More…

  1. Environmental Enforcement Referral

    If you are law enforcement, a municipality, township, or health department, and want to provide a referral about an illegal dump or... More…

  2. Greater Cincinnati Smart Kitchen Initiative

    The Greater Cincinnati Smart Kitchen Initiative offers assistance to reduce pre-consumer food waste and/or donate prepared foods from... More…

  3. Southwest Ohio Pollution Prevention Internship Program